Clipboard Master

Clipboard Master 2.6.5

Store all your copied content with one easy-to-use program

Clipboard Master is a useful little tool that allows you to save copied content on your computer in one application. View full description


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Hide the program when not in use
  • Relatively lightweight application


  • Sometimes loses information you've copied
  • Many keyboard shortcuts to memorize


Clipboard Master is a useful little tool that allows you to save copied content on your computer in one application.

An unobtrusive program, Clipboard Master sits at the bottom of your computer, hidden unless you want to access it. To do so, memorize one of the applicable keyboard short-cuts that you set up when the program first started and plug it in. You can also click the small icon at the bottom of your PC screen in order to use its many features.

You can store much more than simple snippets of text with Clipboard Master. The program also allows you to copy and paste files and images into its built-in clipboard system. This is nice if you're working with a lot of content all at once. Even after a restart of your PC, Clipboard Master will save your content. In addition, there's a nice little added URL shortening feature, which is great if you want to post something to social media networks like Facebook or Twitter. You can even organize your content with individual Clipboard Master folders.

Unfortunately, it takes awhile to memorize all of the different keyboard short-cuts that Clipboard Master boasts. In addition, a few of the files I tried to save ended up not actually saving on my first attempt. Users should make sure the content they're trying to add to Clipboard Master is actually saving before proceeding.

Clipboard Master is overall a solid, easy-to-use tool for collecting content you want to save.


  • New Features:
  • Fixed clipboard:
  • - Improved adding items: just copy sth to the clipboard, then press <0> ... <9> or <+> to add that copied item to the fixed clipboard
  • Autotext: improved and fixed problems
  • improved the screenshot utility
  • Hotkeys: now hotkeys already used by the system or another program can be redefined. E.g. on Windows 8 you can still use + to open Clipboard Master
  • Google Chrome: done an addon to retrieve the position of the current input field
  • FireFox: improved AddOn
  • Some other improvements
  • Fixed problems and bugs:
  • Settings -> Autocopy -> Settings: some settings were not saved
  • Fixed focus problem when closing an email, contacts etc. in Outlook by pressing
  • Fixed problems with the ^ char e.g. for û on some keyboard layouts, e.g. turkish, czech
  • Outlook: focus was lost after pressing
Clipboard Master


Clipboard Master 2.6.5